Don’t Ignore This Serious Threat As You Age

By SeniorHomeCare | May 25, 2018   Too many seniors in the United States are turning a blind eye to the very real probability of needing long term care at some point as they age. Most believe that the financial responsibility will be absorbed by someone else, but unfortunately that is a plan to fail. The assistance […]

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How to Age Well and Stay in Your Home

Barbara Ehrenreich, popular author and self-described mythbuster, has written about how, having reached her mid-70s, she has lived long enough and now forgoes regular medical exams. And Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a 60-year-old oncologist and bioethicist, argues that we might all be better off, himself included, if he dies at 75. But many who have reached that age […]

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Rightsizing for Senior Couples: 5 Things to Consider Before Making a Move

  For couples approaching retirement, downsizing, upsizing or rightsizing may be a hot topic. When you envision retirement together, consider the best circumstances for enjoying the new stage in your life. Even if rightsizing isn’t an immediate requirement, it is important to begin a discussion about future needs, wants, and wishes together. We have 5 […]

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You’ll Be Climbing the Walls of This Tiny Home – House of the Week

You'll Be Climbing the Walls of This Tiny Home – House of the Week

This tiny home packs a bouldering wall, a roll-up garage door and a full-sized soaking tub into just 250 square feet. There’s no need to park in the mountains when the rock climbing is right at your doorstep. At least that’s what the team at Tiny Heirloom figured when they set out to design a tiny home […]

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How to use Credit Cards correctly

a pile of different Credit Cards

  How to use Credit Cards correctly and how they can improve your life:     How many Credit Cards should you get? Lets keep it simple and start with 1 or 2 Cards. Because more Cards also mean additional work to Monitor them. As you get more comfortable with your Credit Card you certainly […]

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Credit Repair Help

We have started a series of Articles to point out the importance of Credit Reports, Credit Scores, Credit Cards and how to get Credit Repair Help.                                                           […]

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The Three Credit Bureaus

how to contact the three credit bureaus and free Credit reports

The Three Credit Bureaus! Three Credit Bureaus     Contact Information: Whatever Option you chose, below is the information you need in order to contact them. If you click on the Name of each Bureau it will bring you to their Main Website. If you click on the link next to it will bring you […]

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6 Major Mistakes Buyers Make In A Seller’s Market

When you’re looking for a home in a seller’s market, you need a plan in place to avoid making mistakes. The real estate market often fluctuates, making it tough to predict whether the market will favor buyers or sellers when it’s your turn to buy. Buyers in a seller’s market can get what they want, but they […]

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5 Mortgage Items You Can’t Afford To Miss

One of the most intimidating aspects of getting a loan is trying to sift between jargon and fact. For something as important as a mortgage there is plenty of misinformation out there. If you talk to five different people you may get five different opinions and observations about their mortgage. One person will tell you how you […]

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